Aabha hanjura


Born In : Jammu & Kashmir
Occupation(s) : Singer/Musician
Genres : Sufi Folk
Web Site : youtube.com/aabhahanjura

Sufi Folk

Band Members
Aabha Hanjura, Ritwik Bhattacharya,Sanjay Chandrakanth,Prashanth Gnanamuthu ,Biplab Bhattacharjee,Liben Toms

Record Label
Ziply Productions

An energetic live performer,singer &songwriter,Aabha Hanjura, is a popular Sufi,Folk Artiste, has been winning hearts with successful concerts across India


Aabha Hanjura is an award winning singer, live performer, composer & songwriter who seeks her inspiration from the deeply embedded Sufi influence in the Valley of Kashmir. Her style and narrative being inspired by some of the legendary dervishes and sufi saints across the plains of northern undivided India. Over the years, Aabha has enthralled audiences with her concerts across India. An eclectic live performer & zesty, ball of fire on stage Aabha castes a spell on the audience with her inimitable ardor and breathtaking energy. ‎
Aabha is the founder and the frontwoman of India’s popular Sufi, Folk rock ensemble, ‘Sufistication’. The band experiments with various contemporary elements and instruments and has found a unique way to blend those in the traditional, original elements of ancient Sufi Folk and ethnicity.Aabha’s music is a unique mix of fresh modern and compelling vintage influences that renders a matchless sound which has a universal appeal. Her music strikes a chord with fans and followers from all age groups and you’re most likely to see a myriad confluence of music loving humanity tapping their feet or grooving their bodies to her power packed performances. ‎
‎Aabha’s love & passion for the music of her land-Kashmir led her to innovate further on her LIVE sound as well & hence one of her live projects, that performs at premier folk festivals around the country ,Aabha Hanjura feat The Kashmiri Folk Ensemble features a never heard before unique & one of it’s kind musical ensemble that features authentic Kashmiri instruments like rabab, santoor, kashmiri saarangi & the percussions of Kashmir like , tumbaknari alongside a LIVE band that creates a unique sound that is truly her’s.

Aabha has come a long way from making the cut in one of most coveted musical talent platforms like Indian Idol where she was one of the youngest finalists. Over the years Aabha has emerged and has bagged many awards and appreciations at various prestigious forums like Radio City Freedom awards, Song Dew Free The Music Awards, Desh Snehi Award from the India Development foundation to name a few.

Aabha’s professional musical pursuit took off on a blessed note when a national icon and legend Late Dr. Abdul Kalam Azaad unveiled her debut single ‘Kithe Nain’ after which Aabha’s Kashmiri single with her band Sufistication, Kashmiri Folk Medley went on to be an online rage garnering over 2.5 million organic views.

Aabha has many firsts to her name including being the first Kashmiri Artist to do a soulful rendition our National Anthem at the Premier Pro Kabaddi League that was globally broad casted live on Star Sports. She followed this up by taking the opportunity to present Kashmiri Folk music to a global audience full of industry luminaries and dignitaries where she performed alongside the celebrated Bollywood composer’s duo Sachin Jigar at the International Film Festival of India 2016.


Won the Best Folk Artiste 2017,for Hukus Bukus, 6th Artist Aloud Awards.
Won the Song Dew Free The Music Award for the Best Folk Fusion Singer

Nominated for Radio City’s Freedom Awards -As Best Folk Fusion Artist
Nominated for the best folk fusion album at Artist Aloud Awards .
Nominated for the best female singer,at the Artist Aloud Awards.
Recepeint of DeshSnehi Award by India Development Foundation

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