Habba Khatoon


Also known as Nightingale of Kashmir, Habba Khatoon is one the greatest Kashmiri poets of all time. She was born in Chandhara one of the villages in pampore from Pulwama in 1554. She was the wife of last muslim Kashmiri ruler Yusuf Shah Chak ( presently buried in Bihar) . Her Kashmiri traditional name was Zoon kept by her parents. She fell in love with the King of that time Yusuf Shah Chak and married to him in 1570.

She was very attached to her husband. Soon her Husband became the ruler of the state but he was imprisoned by the Great Akbar the ruler of the country that time. Zoon and Yusuf were together for only 9 years. The separation of her husband turned her ascetic, made separation from the world and started roaming around the valley singing the songs written by herself.

She has written and composed few of the all time hits like Che kameu soni myani and mea ha ker chei poshe daswanai . She died in 1609 and is buried in Athwajan Srinagar

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