Shoaib Majeed


Born In : Chadoora, Budgam
Occupation(s) : Musician, Playback singer
Genres : Electronic dance music, Pop , Hip hop, Sufi, Western Classical, Rock, Trance

Destiny has its plans we all must have listened to this very often, but a boy from small village had his own plans for destiny. Starting his hobby as a Cinematographer this boy edited many videos for different people until he found music or we can say music found him. He decided to start giving music to his own voice and today you will find his name associated with different musical videos as Cinematograper as well as musician. Right from Adil Gurezi to Umer Nazir to Ishfaq Kawa he has arranged music and videos for many more artists. The name of this multitalented boy from small village of Kashmir’s Chadoora Budgam is Shoaib Majeed. He finds his inspiration in music from the musical mastero AR Rahman and Vishal Dadlani. He wants to step in the shoes of his musical Idol AR Rahman and give Kashmir its own Jai HO type of music. Shoaib defines his attitude towards music as “Healing the wounds of the lost heritage and cultural Identity of Kashmir. Thats why when it came to name his YouTube channel the first thing that struck his mind was “KASHEER”.

May the engulfed souls of Kashmir find eternal peace. May my music hit every soul to peace and prosperity…………. “Shoaib Majeed”

Edited and Scripted by RJ Mursal

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