äs äy lärän lola sätiy,

lo lati lo.

arazah karahay roz atî,

boztam arzi.

mata losanävtakh lūsimatī,

lo lati lo.

ashakh chhi väriah lūsimatī,

pěmạt yěkhso.

mata vuzanāvtakh něndrihati,

lo lati lo.

châněw cheshmaw märi katī,

cheshma chani chhäy joduy.

dishith haranav van rafi,

lo lati lo.

ath sõmbal bāgas wän mě ditiy,

ravarim säri doh.

yim äshka tõngal päm tativ,

lo lati lo.



Running we came, out of passion for you,

Oh my love

Stop for a moment, hear my plea

Pray, pay heed to me

Don’t destroy those who are already destroyed

Oh my love

Lovers have fallen by the wayside

Having lost in love

Don’t awaken those who are asleep

Oh my love

Many have die

From enchantment by your gazelle eyes

The does have fled to the woods out of shame

Oh my love

For several days, I looked for you

Everywhere in the hyacinth garden

The embers there ignited my fire of passion

Oh my love

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