bedad karän märnas,

bedad cholmay.

.nazloom chhas vyesi,

bozina faryad cholmay.

bejän kärnas, jān wandus,

jän chhum azjān.

mě jän chhum bar lab,

ta ditas nad cholmay.

nahaq waruq äshkun

phorum tath äshka kitabey,

rūdum na sabak yad,

su ustad cholmay.

nakhchir kärnas zulfachi

zanjeera gondnam dil.

pābasta chhus sarvaqad

azad cholmay

bar mayi rūdum chhayi,

kama jayi rätith aw

Vejibror ta Achhaval wuchhum,

Shahabad cholmay




By ignoring me, he has killed me

And now my carefree lover has gone away.

I am oppressed, my friend–without listening

To my pleadings, he has gone away.

I would give my life for him;

Now there is no life left in me.

I am close to death;

Call him my friend, he has gone away.

Unjustifiably, I read the page of love

In that book of passion.

Before I could remember the lesson,

My teacher has gone away.

Making me his prey, he bound my heart

With the chains of his curls.

I am in fetters;

Being free, my graceful love has gone away.

He hid himself in shadows,

In which places did he stay?

I looked for him in Bijbehara, in Achhabal,”

To Shahabad he has gone away.

The names of places in Kashmir.




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