Mai wadd mouji wichh kamm janaan maajen treavith draiii

Stop lamenting ‘o’ mother and witness ‘o’ mother! how many beloved’s relinquished their mothers

Khooni zanaan khoonich kadrah beyi noo zaani kanhh

Only blood knows the worth of blood and no one else could!

Sui hou zaani yess chui rawaan jigras manz jigrah

Only the one knows who mislays the piece of heart from the heart

Mouj tcheii dapaan kati chuka hou jananou ho ho. janana hou

Mother seeks the whereabouts of the mithed… uttering “O beloved! O beloved!”

Dopmas ha hou.. jantiken hou.. baagan manz chui sui fearana hou…

The mother is sympathized by enunciating that he is athwarting the firmaments

Naaras kournai temm gulzaar

The beloved’s martyrdom has emancipated you from fiery flames

Naavai chanei dyutnai taar

Oared your boat out of turbulences

Jantich basharat ditchnai temm mouji

And betokened heavens upon you ‘O’ mother

Aala maqaam paida kornai mouji

Bestowed the highest abode for you ‘O’ mother

Mai wadd mouji wichh kuss darjaa dithh sui tchei haiii draiii

Now stop lamenting ‘O’ mother and witness the highness he endowed upon you

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