Ishfaq Kawa


Born In : Bandipora
Occupation(s) : Vocalist, Musician

Ishfaq Kawa is a Kashmir based Vocalist,  lyricist and music composer hailing from the Bandipora district of North Kashmir. Ishfaq has some the popular hits including Baalyaara ho, Zaroori chum, Kaash naseebas and Afsoos duniya. Ishfaq Started his carrier as a lead vocalist in his own composed song Zaroori chum which developed his fame among the people.

Not being economically rich Ishfaq couldn’t find a good studio for the recording which made him to delay his work for some time. The installation of Qalaam Studio and with the help of Basit (The head of qalaam studio) Ishfaq recorded the couple of great hits as Baalyaaro ho and Afsoos Duniya which resulted in the great success for him.

One of greatest hits of all time Nundi bani is the most trending song throughout the valley, which is the creation of Ishfaq himself written, sung and composed describes Ishfaq a powerful writer also.

The beautiful song list has some of the following hits

Earlier the great struggle for the music , where ishfaq could be continuously seen on the music applications like smule etc. And was greatly loved on the online networks too forced the TV channels like gulistan news to call him on thier channel.

Presently Ishfaq is working with a Music label KASH BEATZ, Kasheer Music and Vaakhs music labels.

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