Bisht Bisht byareo khotkho wan,
Toore kyoho woluth babri pan

Come on come on my pussy cat, you have got upto jungle,
From where you have got some precious fragrant leaves

Su kaman chokuth kootran,
Kootar byeethe maarkan

You presented that to the pigeons,
so they flocked around you

Zoon chai gindaan taarkan
Oore kani aayi maharaze’han

Moon makes plays with stars,
From there came a bridegroom

Taem cze detchyo ponse han
Tath cze anetho nati han

He gave you some money,
You bought from that some cooked meat

Shuren bareth dumbrehan
Noshi poshi ne adji hen

Kids got filled their stomachs,
Daughter in law couldn’t get even some

Nosh khes’chi kaezwaan
Kaez wonus ye chun jaan

Daughter in law appealed in the court,
Court declared your deed is incorrect

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