Laktey maktey taarko,
Oh my tiny tiny dear stars

Ach wataan mandchaan chuko
Blining eyes you are feeling blushfullness

Kya karaan kati doh baraan
Disappered you are during daytime

Raath kyut sadras taraan
Suddenly appearing at the arrivalĀ  of night time

Myeeth kya ach naath chaen
Very much sweet feels your twinkling

Rambwen chi chzaath chaen
Fine looking undoubly are your fellows(Other stars)

Traav nab wal youer was
Leave the sky and come here(Down to earth)

Ass te asi seet gind, bas
Laugh and cheer; and play with us

Tonti manz thavath jareth
Bird speaks to pick that star in beak

Roozhai mudyah kareth
Gazing you all night long

Zindagi hechnaav hath
Teaching you the character of life

Syeeth syeeth paknaavhath
Carrying you alongside mine

Laktey maktey taarko
Oh, small beautiful star

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