Mouji mouji moun maan, kouli manz karha sraan
Oh my beloved mother, please allow me, to have bath in stream

Zei dinge demeha, jal pherith yemeha|
Only two dives i will have ,surely; quickly will come back

Maji dopum ma kar sraan, bume weni chi pashpaan
Mother told me not to do so, as my health was good

Aeth kathi zoogmas, wadan waan loogmas
I attacked the same talk ,so; i started to weap a lot

Maaji dopum laaye, tcholus cszhaaye cszhaaye
Mother said, i will beat you, so; i went away slowly slowly

Khokmot kareth byutus, maaji paneni roothus
I sat very nervous, angry with my mother

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