Wal haawai ba akh nazarah dildaaro
Chashme tar karvun akh nazaarah yaaro

Come let me show you a worthy view –
Able to make your eyes wet

Sourie shahar chu gomut mas, manz  panenen aaraman
Mashraweth doud te dag henz bekaraaran

People of this city are  lost in their luxuries –
Forgetting about the pain of those in pain

Kennh aasaan daale maaran manz dyaaran
Byaakh tasche boche karaan te czochhe pate laaran

Some people can dive in money
Others striving for bread all day long

Baazar nearaan che dyaare wael heath kaseer
Chanden denen divaan te hosh travaan che gareeb

Rich people go to market with pocket full of money
While shaking their pockets and sighing in pain

Hamsayas akis aasaan che shaideh te gyundunah
Roozan ne yaad tas hamsaai sund wadunah

One neighbour spends life in happiness
Forgetting about the wails spread in neighbourhood

Wallah goyo behtar akh akis agar laghaw baqqarrr
Ba khuda kariha ata Maula dil kui karaar

By God if we help each other
God will soothe our hearts and minds

Teli aasehaw asse  paze paethe ami cheezek haqdaar
Kuni shaqe ros yeme haw aes maan ne insaan

Then undoubtfully we would have been rightful
To be called as real human beings


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