Czaie chukh awal,
Czaie chhukh aakhaer,
Czaie wakhtuq anhaar,
Dil k ratt saeth watt pouravai,
Matt laagum be-aar

You are the begining
And you are the end
And you are everything in between
Let me paint your path vermillion with the blood of my heart.
Please dont be hard to me,oh my lord


Mangun tagima ba oush haarai khodaya
Hallam daerith ba katya pyaarai khodaya

I don’t know the requirements of praying,
Oh my lord let my tears speak for me
Where shall i wait for you for your
Benevolence and magnanimance oh my lord antra


Khareedara cza chhukhna khasta dilnai
Ye dil phutrith ba watt gaarai khodaya

You have the affinity for broken heartsĀ  where shall i display
My cracked heart to find a customer like you,oh my lord.

Naffas naethnun baddan yus janta draayo
Su aadam waentya aawaarai khodaya

The unclothed one who was exiled from eden
That adam is still wandering aimlessly antra


Douyo chashmou nadamath joie pashpaan
Hayatuk yuth chhu baaparai khodaya

The rill of tears emanating from my moist eyes
Speaks volumes about the sorry affair of my life,oh my lord

Mea razh khand chum hisaabas fair baasaan
Czze kya deut-tham ba kyaa daarai khodayaa

Idoubt a little error in the credit between you and me
What you have actually given to me and what i still owe to you

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