Maayi Chaani ravem Mea Raat Doh
Hoo Ba kariyo youer waloo
Shai Chani ravem mea Raat doh
Hoo ba kariyo youer waloo
In your love i have lost my days and nights
I want to embrace you with my love
Come closer to me

Dariyaav taraan veer ba gous
Manz sar khudaya ba geer goos
Bouth laagtam peer i Rehbaro
Hoo Ba kariyo Youer waloo
While crossing the river i am stranded
In the middle i am struggling
Lead me to the Shore o my guide my Prophet

Sir Gasi baavun Zaan sei
Nate kyah Wanun Gaer zaan seiĀ  2x
Sir baaj lagai Peer rehbaro
Ba kariyo Youer Waloo
Secrets should be revealed to the Compationate
Why reveal it to the impassive
O keeper of my Secrets
My guide my Prophet

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