Rah Bakshtam

Ali Safuddin


Rah Bakshtam ser Parvardigaro
Tscze Kyeho waatiyo Myani Marnai
Oh Allah forgive all my sins and
show me the right way
What will you gain with my death

Sipaar treh mar Parema ki Aano
Phur nou Kuni govum zear zabri
I read the all thirty Sipars (Chapters) of Quran shareef ;
without making any errors checking the each and every verse carefully;and reading it faithfully

Ashqun khat Kansi pour na Yakbaaro
Cze kyeho Watiyo myani Marnai
But still i beleive the letter of love could not be read with such beauty and honour
Oh allah what will you gain with my death

Hyen ba aavus dhyen kyo bariyo
Wyen Kus rang govum khaas Babrei
I am deep caught nowhere to go
Seems Lush green Basil (Babr) is fading away

Looli sui thovtham lalvun Naaro
Cze kyeho waatiyo Myani marnei
It feels like the fire with no smoke is burning inside me
Oh allah what will you gain with my death


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